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Our Whey

Your Difference


Always as few ingredients as possible.


We only use Cold Filtered Whey Protein Isolate.


Since we only use Whey Isolate, lactose levels are nearly nonexistent, allowing for easy digestion.


Our whey does not clump when mixed in a shaker or blender, and is always fresh from the farm.

Farm Friendly

We only use whey from the Happiest of Cows in our Wisconsin dairy heritage.

Helping Family Farms is what We Do

– Your Whey is Farmed in Wisconsin
– Your Cocoa is Farmed in South America
– Your Vanilla is Farmed in Madagascar
– Your Peanuts are Farmed in the USA
– Your Stevia is grown in South America 

The Right Way, is Pure Choice Whey

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the athletes below who swear by Pure Choice Whey

“Pure Choice Whey is my go to protein for post workouts. It’s the cleanest and simplest protein I’ve found!  With only a few ingredients I know I’m not putting any fillers or fluff in my body that I’ll waste. This IS my favorite protein!”

Kaade Trones

(CSCS Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

“I have been using, selling and promoting Pure Choice Whey since it has been created. I believe I was one of the very first businesses to stock it on their shelves. Why I chose Pure Choice over every other brand of protein is simple. Made in Wisconsin, no more than 3-5 ingredients, mixes amazingly and tastes great.”

We at Level Up only promote what we believe to be the best, and we believe Pure Choice is the best form of whey protein. Thanks for the great product!”

Mike Wendorf

(Owner of Level Up)

“One week in drinking a shake a day my body started to change. Now 5 years later I am getting ready for my 4th bodybuilding show and I do not know what I would do without Pure Choice!

P.s. I also drank it through my pregnancy and my doctor’s would not have let me drink any other protein. But it was so clean they loved that I drank it!

Katie Kiss

Mother, Gym Owner, Bikini Competitor

“I LOVE Pure Choice Whey Protein. It’s simple, with minimal, natural ingredients, no fillers and tastes great! I’ve been using this protein for over 10 years. During both of my pregnancies my doctor ok’d this protein for me to continue to use throughout my pregnancies.  As a Pro bodybuilder, gym owner, personal trainer and nutrition coach this brand continues to be the one I personally use and the brand that I promote in my gym and recommend to my clients” ❤️

Rebecca Litscher

Mother, WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder, & Gym Owner

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